New group abilities

  1. Group nullifying strike
    Group nullifying impact
    Group nullifying rampage

  2. Group fierce strike
    Group fierce impact
    Group fierce rampage

  3. Group cunning strike
    Group cunning impact
    Group cunning rampage

  4. Group wounding
    Group rending takedown
    Group critical impact
    Croup stunning rampage
    Group ranking claws
    Group instant distraction
    Group instant charge

That already exists

Maybe some raid bosses could use them

that is kinda OP bc every opponent cant attack
imagine if a raid boss had that…

Same with this

What would use this except from a terror bird raid boss?

I know. But it still wouldn’t be as op as cautious impact

Cautious impact can be countered with resilient can’t it?

Yes but still it’s one of the most op moves since swap in dsr

Group instant charge is still too op

null counter

Death Dodo

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I guess so and Death Dodo should be new raid boss