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New Guild Battle Draft Thing

I like the idea, I really do. I like that it give lower ranked guild members equal status. Except if doesn’t because they are likely to have fewer keys.
And only being able to get one victory per key makes it impossible for me to get my required rooms to get to the end.

My best guess (a guess since the scoreboard isn’t available), is that we are going for hero kills, not victories. It looks like 800 heroes for the top prize, which is pretty similar to the 900 bosses for the mini raid.

Interesting theory but will be good to know that it is accurate so guilds can do better planning…if a moderator can confirm?

They have confirmed that the top 3 guilds all had just over 800 points, so that would seem to confirm the goal number. And while running them when no one else was n in my guild it did seem to be 8 kills to a percentage point, it certainly wasn’t 8 wins.

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Yes it’s 2 wins = 1%.
No point talking heroes as you either win or lose.
So that’s 200 wins to complete.

This and new mini raid are aimed at increasing the scarcity of keys. At the same time you can use gems instead which can be bought with real money.

I can get 45 keys per month from rallies. Say I play really well and get 30 wind on draft. That’s 15% of draft and all my keys gone.

Go check the announcement message from a year ago, Gould battles have two possible scoring systems based on the event. Either number of victories or number of characters defeated. This one was pretty clearly number of characters defeated. Two victories means 8 characters defeated = 1%.

I hate the draft but some guildies that don’t usually help have liked this idea. It seems like a waste of valuable keys to me. It’s all luck and minimal strategy. I just had a guy 3 to 1 and his Calliope one hit my entire team. All 3 had full life and no buffs on either side. Makes the event seem predetermined for wins/losses.

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How is it a waste of keys if we can still have enough keys as a guild to complete the next raid? I know in my guild people rarely run out of keys completing raids and we always go above and beyond the 1800 rooms to get Silver hand. Having more ways to earn gear from keys that are essentially free and just sit there stockpiling is great. No reason to sit on more than 60 keys.

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Usually we’d be finishing the mini raid up about now, but with the battle we finished it yesterday afternoon. We had a few comments in guild chat early on about how it felt like a waste of a key if you didn’t manage to win, but once we figured out it was counting characters defeated rather than opponents defeated people were more accepting. When we finished it a day earlier than normal the comments were all about how much easier it seemed.

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