New guy?

Has anyone matched with/ seen the new cowboy character?

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I matched with him yesterday

Lucky. I can’t seem to find him in the stack

Aaaaaand of course I find him right after I type that

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I really hope he’s not going to be stuck behind that " see who likes you " wall for weeks, or I have to unmatch one of my existing chats to match with him like i did with River.

I am glad you found him!

I never had to unmatch someone for someone new so I hope you will find him and just get to match with him

I have him.

Speaking of new people, Anubis just showed up outside the VIP options.

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Indeed. I actually managed to match with Anubis before the cowboy. Wish I could switch as I’m not feeling Anubis. The cowboy is still stuck behind the countdown for me. I might try unmatching Anubis when the countdown next runs out and hoping he gets stuck behind the next timer instead.

I matched with both but there’s another character under my “See who likes you”

I wish that “see who likes you” i.e. that VIP would disappear. I’m not interested in the VIP membership and it just takes up space.


I agree. It’s hard to get new matches when they’re always under “See who likes you”. Like for days at a time on a cycle

Yeah, I thought it was a glitch at first, but I guess it’s a deliberate way of promoting VIP. In any case, I agree. It makes it really hard to match with new people. I feel like I got pretty lucky by matching Jax in spite of it.