New Gyrospheres Please?

Hello Ludia, would it be possible to add some more Gyrospheres into the game? I know about the annual holiday special Gyrospheres like the Indo-Rex one we just had, but normally there’s only Park Tour and VIP Gyrosphere. I think it’d be a good idea to add some more Gyrospheres into the game, preferably with low entry cost. For me it’s by far the most entertaining event I can find anywhere and requires skill in draft and health management throughout the run, but most players are reluctant to commit so much DB into it. So if you could add a cheap Gyrosphere (say, 10-25 DB entry) with something like an improved version of modded PVP prize wheel for a reward pool, I think a lot of players would appreciate that a lot.


10 is probably to low imo. 25 would work well. But modded is already amazing, a better version of that? What are they going to add?Metriaphodon?

Doesn’t matter. Throw in like Priotrodon or Koolasaurus or something, or even a tourney hybrid at less than 1% odds, sure. Just something slightly comparable to modded prize wheel because I’m sure there are players here that would much rather do Gyrosphere runs than modded PVP.


Yes Ludia please add something like @Raptor43577 said above It will be really fun and players with less DBs will also be able to participate

It would be a cool idea to add a Gyrosphere that costs some where less than the current Gyrospheres maybe 50-100 DB but instead of hybrids it would be all of the creatures from common to legendary (non tournament) creatures that have not had unlocks for a year.


yeah That’s a cool idea for you LUDIA

I think this is a great idea tbh, modded is an absolute grind and I’m pretty fed up of landing on 40 dna 40 bucks and kaprosuchus.

I would be prepared to shell out 50 bucks every now and again at a chance of more elusive creatures that’s for sure

It would essentially be a alternative to modded then? It’s just more intense and takes longer, but has slightly better rewards

If they changed the 40 dna to 400 dna or 40 bucks to 400 bucks as I prize I would do modded all day every day, it’s those 2 low prizes that get me :anger:

The one thing the Gyrosphere has going for it is you don’t use your own creatures so you have no cooldowns to worry about. Also if it was for currently not in rotation locked creatures it would give players an opportunity to build out there bench while not using their bench.


Gyro even if it had the modded rewards, would not be my go to. It just takes far to much planning and time. You can do fodder-mvd-fodder and get through like a match every couple minutes. Gyro takes upwards of 15

Doesn’t winning match after match get boring for you after a while? Gyro in my opinion is a lot more challenging and actually requires lots of planning and skill to pull off. Just make the rewards more appealing than modded wheel and I’d go for it over modded any day.

I wouldn’t even mind a higher entry fee, but 250db for an alangasaurus which I won via vip gyrosphere event…

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Yeah if it was just rare hybrids I would do this but not commons


ATM it’s just too much planning and time for something not worth it in the late game. I would rather buy the common hybrid outright with dna then spend the DBs. Sure it has a chance to get a locked hybrid creature, but it’s only 40%, and one of them(the limo hybrid) is essentially useless because of pelican thingy.

That’s my point. The Gyrospheres right now are super fun but not worth it.