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New hack raptor players are using


Had this happen in a few games when I’m fighting raptors you can’t do anything just swap dinosaur you can’t attack either and you can only attack when the timer runs down but what use is that when the raptor is always first?

So close to removing this garbage game.


@Milton_D you need to have dinos that are faster in speed to the VR or can decrease its speed giving you the advantage to striking first more often. OR have more defensive counters to it in hopes that the game picks them.


I think he’s referring to a bug where he can’t even pick any commands and the game auto picks the default attack for him. I had a couple of times when fighting seems to have a connection issue and I just can’t do anything but watch the counter go down and my Dino using a weaker 1x damage hit instead of a 2x damage kill.


Yeah, this isn’t a hack, it’s an issue related to connectivity unfortunately :frowning:

The game is designed to play on without you in case you quit, disconnect or otherwise fail to input commands. It did this to me once in an underground parking lot and once in a null-signal zone near my work. Annoying as hell, but playing away ftom interference has made it so I haven’t had that issue since.

… Oh, and it has nothing to do with Raptors.


Yeap this isn’t a hack/cheat/glitch. It’s unfortunately a software issues, which can be only be fixed with future updates, but also look into uninstalling and reinstalling the game again. Also just double check your connection, while you’re playing.


Just had this happen this morning actually lol. I just let the game do its thing and gave the guy a free win.