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New here, having trouble with kentrosaurus

Last week I completed the kentrosaurus tournament in dominator league, and after a week of incubating my kentrosaurus finally became available today, but when I looked in the market it appears that I haven’t unlocked it and can’t get another, was that tournament not an unlock or is my game bugged.


What level is your park?

It was a bracketed tournament, so if your park level was not higher than 50, you only got a copy instead of the unlock. But you also had much easier matches…

That’s the thread about the tournament.

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And welcome to the Forum!


Yeah I’m below level 50 so that would make sense, ty for the help.


Benvenuto nel forum @nightmare_6417
Beh, una copia è sempre meglio che niente!

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Welcome to the forum @nightmare_6417
Well, a copy is always better than nothing!

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1.What’s the sense of writing it in italian?

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  1. What’s the sense?
    PS: don’t wanna be rude.
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I know, and I don’t always remember that I have to translate!
Or when I have to translate a long thing I copy the part in Italian instead of the part in English because I’m careless !!