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New here, just a quick?


I’m wondering, what types of dinos do you guys actually see in the wild on a regular basis? I ask because I am truly lucky if I see anything at all in the town where I live.


Lots of Apatosaurus, Stegosaurus, maybe a few others. I’ve been getting a lot of Utahraptors lately.


Mmmh not sure that is normal. Living in a big city I see a bit of everything more or less everyday but I have been in the country side as well a few times and have never had an empty map. Maybe write to Ludia to see if there’s something wrong?


Maybe i will send them a quick email. I do live in a pretty small town, but it’s a rural area and lots of commuters make their homes here. In other similar types of games, i’ve never had this problem. It’s very disappointing because i downloaded this game to enjoy when i walk my dogs. At first i would see at least enough dinos to continue playing, even though they were always just common animals. Now i just hope for DNA through incubators.


This might help you find a few things in your area. Happy hunting.


I am really lucky, I live in L1 and just 250 mtrs away there is L2 LOL

The bad thing is that VIP only is 200 mtrs hahahaha


This is interesting. Still does not explain why an entire 6 mile radius would spawn NOTHING.


I have same issues sometimes, the spawn in this game is really really poor and boring, sometimes there is nothing to do, in other games like pogo and walking dead there is a lot spawn everywhere


Is it literally nothing or just really sparse? Do you live on a military base?


I live in a military base…a lot of Eina and Nunda spawns here, and sometimes Gorgorsuchus too


Some military bases don’t have any spawns at all.


I live in Crewe, VA. It’s just your average American small town. No military or anything. The only animals i see literally spawn right on top of me while the game is running, usually iguanos.


Dino usually spawn near supply drops, you have them so I don’t know what the problem is. I noticed that here in Italy at changing hours is spawning nothing or almost, either event dinos and normal dinos. So I suggest you to check different times, if the problem is still there, just try to wander around a bit (some dinos just spawn when you move a little) and yes if nothing changes, email Ludia and cross the finger or, if you don’t want to unistall, manage to have some trips in different cities near you to see if it is a problem related to your block or your internet connection (have you tried to switch off your wifi or turn off the phone for a minute then reload it?)


I’ve moved around quite a bit, and i can hunt outside of my town. However, as soon as I cross into the town limits it’s as if the map just goes blank! I’m not on wifi unless i’m at my house, but it changes nothing.


Ok then email Ludia with your support key and the name of your city, hopefully they will read it and make adjustments on spawning.