New Hero XP

The issue I’d like to address is newly recruited heroes being several levels below the main party and leveling them up being a painful process especially the 8th and final hero.

To level up a hero you need to bring them on adventures. Explore missions are typically “progression” and the hardest thing your group can do so bringing a low level hero is a bad idea. Challenges I found Sharpstone to be too easy for my party and the new hero stood around doing nothing while the rest of the party one and two shot everything. Frostsilver was appropriate for the rest of my party while the new hero would routinely get one shot and not get xp for the full run, particularly the later rooms where most of the xp is weighted.

Suggestions to resolve this:
All heros that start a challenge get full xp the same as if they had cleared the last room the party clears. So if the party clears room 9 but understudy Naomlen died in room 4 then Naomlen would still get xp for the clear up to room 9.

Double xp for new heros up to the renown level or (renown-1) they were acquired at. I picked up Raika at level 7 so she would get double xp until she hits level 7. Naomlen at renown 9 so double xp to level 9.

An understudy tag that can be assigned to any 5th hero. That hero gets xp as if they went on the adventure.



This is a good no nonsense fix to leveling the new unlocked characters. The current system of giving a pack for each unlocked character doesn’t work on raising a character to a useable level.

Really by the time I got the 8th I found getting a pile of his gear easy to get him up to level 6 super fast.

He’s a bit behind at 10 now while others are 11-13, but I never found this to be a problem.

Use your better hero’s to get gear for him, and then when events for easier Dungeons come up use that hero instead of the mains.

Whenever I do sharpstone or frostsilver now, I’m always bringing secondary heroes

I agree and I did the same thing, that is all you can do. The 8th hero is at renown 9 so about average level 9 if I recall. That means you’ve played quite a bit since then and they are still 50k-150k behind the rest of your team? I think that is a problem.

edit Sorry not to harp on this too much.

Let’s talk about catching up for a second. At renown 9 the 8th hero is about 50k xp behind. Going by the dev stated goal of 60% adventure/40% gear xp (and assuming you buy packs or something to cover all the treasure you haven’t been able to accumulate for them until they were recruited) you still need to get 30k xp to catch up. That is 577 Sharpstone runs. But you don’t adventure alone and 3 of your 7 companions are also getting xp each run so you are really only catching up on the other 4. That means you need to run over 1k sharpstones (577*7/4) and no other content that doesn’t include the 8th hero. Also the 8th hero can never die or they lose out on xp and set you back.

Admittedly at some point the xp required to level exceeds the difference between the party and hero 8 but that takes a long time to reach and until then you have to carry the lowbie.

FFWIW, I picked up Calliope the bard late (second to last) and I have to say she punches well above her weight class. She was keeping up with the rest of the party as a L5-6 when they were all L7-8 (and actually outclassed my ranger until he scored the epic bow). She was frail at first, but one 2-for-1 rare pack in the store and she was kicking butt and taking names. If you’re debating who to pick I’d say you can delay her because she does real well as a latecomer.

Same seems to be true of Naomlen the rogue, though I only say this because she’s such a pain in PvP. She’s the last character I need to add.

I have to agree with this suggestion. Leveling up a new character when you’re stacked with level 7’s and 8’s is problematic and slow, at best. Any of the suggestions made would be useful. Getting up to level 5 isn’t too hard, but then from there the curve gets steep trying to move into 6, 7 and 8… they are likely to always be behind.

You are looking at the late characters all wrong. The only guaranteed source of Legendary items is the Renown equipment packs. Your last two toons you can put 3-4 levels on them immediately and get almost right to the next renown level, giving you another pack with a guaranteed Legendary and a bunch of Epics too. The last toon you get you can usually get up to level 5 or 6 quickly and that is another renown level nearly immediately.

Again, this framework leads back to the fact that they have way too many gold sinks involvd in advancing character levels. Gear should have nothing to do with character level advancement and XP. That’s not how D&D has ever worked. If we’re not follow the IP, let’s make something up that is fake-D&D and let someone else develop a game that follows the IP.