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New heroic adventure AKA Test of Might

I always do these just to the point of having to pay gems and I haven’t seen anybody else comment on the new one yet so I will say what I see and people who complete it can add on.

The first round is only 6 fights long instead of 10 and attempts are unlimited

I am just starting and unlikely to complete 2nd round but it is 14 battles long and you get three losses. I doubt I will pay gems to continue after my 3 losses but i will pass in cost if someone doesn’t beat me to it. This stage does end with a blue chest.

20 gems to continue in second stage

Just completed second part 3rd one is 30 win needed no idea the cost to recharge attempt so far. The last reward is 1 random legend pack with a few coin so I’m really not sure I will even attempt to get a legendary that I probably don’t need

Guess it just depends whether or not you want legendary items. If you are willing to pay 2,000 gems when Durnan sells them this is a good deal. If not then 30 wins is probably a waste of a lot of time.

The difference is I could pay 2000 gem if it a legendary I need. Wouldn’t pay 2000 gem for the rogue one that give stealth.

Also I have a lot of legend at level 2 going 1/5 for next step when epic might be better im not sure

And I lost 3 times recharge is 30 diamond

During the last event I found the first stage simple, I easily won all 10. Unfortunately, the opposite is true this time. I faced a few reasonable matches in round one, but most were against bots and players many levels above me. It seems the developers have failed to deter or prevent players from tanking.

Although a legendary item is an improved final reward, It seems the gem cost for me to continue through rounds 2 and 3 will far exceed the value. Unfortunately I will be sitting out this event again.

If this was yesterday when I had great rewards in Lightfinger to grind for I’d do that. But since my rewards today are unispiring I’ll go for the legendary item. It is pretty annoying how hard they make some of the battles but overall the investment of gems and time is worth it to me since my end goal is maxing all gear and legendaries obviously are the hardest to come by. Would be nice if there was a Moment of Glory with a challenge high enough to be worth doing but for now I’ll just battle some bots.

I am lucky that I am in a place where I don’t have to fight bots if I don’t want to. The longest I have ever had to wait since I decided to stop playing them is about 4 minutes. I know that is a long time for a game like this but it really isn’t that long to be able to keep away the frustration of bots.

Yes only 1 or 2 battles against people my level (12-14)

Most enemies (none of which were bots) were 14-16.

But had heaps of luck, both of the highest level teams I fought I absolutely creamed with crazy good luck while they had crazy bad luck.

I’m sure it will reverse in stage 2 :wink:

My understanding was that tanking didn’t work?

I haven’t paid much attention to the talk of tanking or not. I know how they said they were going to do it with the last update, but without seeing the actual numbers they are using to match us up it hard to tell what is actually going on. Some people have stated some theories about what you get for wins and losses for your “ToM” trophies that seem reasonable and well thought out, but without actually seeing it I just don’t worry about it. It does seem like some people are still trying it though. I have faced people from 800 below me that had the same level characters as me. Either they intentionally lost some battles or have had extremely bad luck.

I didn’t bother with the second stage, but for the 3rd stage, I lost 10 matches in a row and now I’m set to win all the remainder match while I’m being matched against players about 500 trophy count lower than me.

Lose early and lose often is the best strategy for the 3rd stage of the event.

Yeah, I won’t even play the third stage. I get stubborn and if I lose a few in a row that I think I should have won I’ll make it a mission to complete the whole thing no matter how many gems it costs me. It’s better for me not to even start lol

I ended up spending 90 gems to finish the third stage of the ToM event.

I lost my first 10 games to drop me about 500 trophies below my initial event trophy count. Then I went 30-2 to finish it. I accidentally queued up vs level 20 AIs due to win streaking. The other game I lost was to a combination of good opponent tactical decisions paired with a misplay on my part. Well played VOTE!

I noticed that the matchmaking algorithm was updated for this Test of Might event, where you would not be paired against the same player more than 2 wins/losses in a row. So the devs are clearly working on matchmaking, and in an area that does improve the event somewhat. Just not fixing the trophy adjustment based on Battle mode instead of Tom event mode.

Some other observations:

  • The calendar and in game tab treat it as a test of might event (i.e. Not special tab.)
  • The event tab is still labeled Heroic Adventure, and structured like the previous adventures.
  • This event has significantly more fights than previous iterations with a 6/14/30 battle victories for stages 1/2/3 respectively, lasting 50 fights. In contrast with the last two heroic adventure style test of might events with 10/10/20.
  • The event trophy count is cleared between stages.

We can draw some conclusions from this:

First and foremost, I believe that Ludia has agents who review the forums and pass along salient information found on these forums to the developers. Since the first iteration of the Heroic Adventure Test for Might, the developers have revised trophy count carrying over between stages (to circumvent trophy count manipulation during the first stage, which I had previously suggested in my Test of Might guide thread) and they have prevented repeated matchmaking after two losses (to prevent single player farming, which was a topic of frequent complaint in the previous events). We are being listened to (even if not directly responded to) and that’s a good thing.

I can’t fathom why they haven’t addressed the event trophy adjustment based Battle mode trophy count issue, but so long as they don’t, it’s highly exploitable by deliberately losing the first 7-10 games, as I have repeatedly demonstrated.

Second, it looks like the developers are moving to a heroic challenge style Test of Might event going forward. I’m not a fan of fighting upward of 50-60 battles on a regular basis, even for legendary rewards. It’s just not worth my time. This aspect I’m less enthusiastic about.

So there are some incremental improvements in these heroic adventure style test of might eventd, but my main takeaway is that these events take a lot of time and effort, and if frequent will probably not be worth most player’s time or effort.


Where does your stage 3 initial event trophy count come from?

Is it based on last seasons of arena, current arena, other?

You said in yOur previous post lose early and lose often. It won’t matter if I’ve won a few will it? Just means I have to work my way down from a bit higher up

Their matchmaking algorithm is getting worse. It’s great for you who can go 30-12, but for me the game assumes I am in the top 10 players and just throws unbeatable people and bots at me. I spent an hour trying to make progress on the first stage an managed to get 1 win. It’s been like that for every ToM recently, just unforgivably difficult with little pay out. I can almost guarantee I won’t que up for the next ToM.

It’s based on the highest current season battle mode trophy count.

The lose early lose often strategy is to take advantage of the positive feedback loop that exists in the trophy adjustment. It gets harder and harder to shed trophies if you are matched with players with higher battle mode trophy counts. One or two wins won’t matter. But if you’re facing opponents with >200 displayed trophy counts higher than you then you only lose 10 trophies per loss.

Matchmaking is based on event trophy count, but trophy gain/loss is based on respective Battle mode trophies (which is what is displayed).

Losing early and often means you’re trying to get your event trophy count >400 trophies lower than your battle mode. When you’re facing opponents over 200 lower than you, you get 10 trophies for a win and lose 50 for a loss. You want to build in some give because 30 wins will raise your trophy count by a minimum of 300.

You can see my simulation of how trophies are gained and lost during the event in this post:

I can go 30-12 because I lost my first 10 matches deliberately. I’m taking advantage of how they coded the trophy gain/loss formula for the event. This is how I manipulate the matchmaking formula for myself.

Everyone can take advantage of this formula by losing early and losing often for their initial matches in stage 3.

I have shared my thoughts on how this exploit can be closed here:

Its interesting to see some positive comments. The greatest benefit I noticed was an improvement in the final reward. It is also good to see it can be affordably and quickly be completed by the top players.

however I still have significant concerns with this iteration. The following comments are limited to my experience at the first stage. Due to the noted issues I was unwilling to spend gems on this event.

  1. Event Manipulation - During the last Heroic Adventure event it was noted that many top players were able to manipulate the match-ups by losing the first few battles. This allowed the top players to match-up against slightly weaker players like myself. This was a great benefit to the higher ranked players but punishing to players such as myself. I was often matched against players with hero level 2-3 levels above my own. Although the developers were aware of this significant issue, they failed to make adequate correction.
    [Edit: I know I could have used this flaw myself, but I chose not to, and the point I am making is this is a significant flaw which undermines the event]

  2. Super-bots - After being routed by players many levels above my own at the onset, I turned to bots to complete stage 1. The bots were ridiculous. In the first stage I was immediately matched against stronger bots. The combined total level of the bots was 10 levels above my heroes. (ie. level 13-15 v. level 16) After beating this bot I was immediately matched against level 18 bots, which combined for a total 18 levels above my party. This mechanism guaranteed a loss at least every 2nd battle. Additionally, I assume bot levels escalate through stages 2 and 3, thereby intensifying this conundrum. The developers were aware of this issue but failed to correct it.

  3. Win Percentage - Items 1 and 2 above combined to provide me a win rate of approximately 33%. I would suggest a 50% win rate should seem achievable.

  4. Increased Costs - After wisely reducing the number of matches to 40 in the previous iteration, the developers foolishly increased it by 10 for this event. Based on my win percentage in stage 1, this change would require me to battle an additional 30 matches. This is an unreasonable increase in time and gems for many players. Additionally, only 6 (as opposed to 10) battles were free this time.
    The forecast gem and time commitment for me to complete the event would have been ominous. [Edit: I know I could have tanked to manipulate my event trophy count - I was tempted after facing opponents 1000 trophies higher than myself, but I refuse to grift equally lower players] Based on my experience in round 1, completing the event would have required me to play 150 matches. This would have required me to contribute gems 44+ times (more assuming the bots get harder in stages 2 and 3). Additionally, assuming 6 minutes per match (including load time and presentation) the time allotment to complete the Heroic Adventure would be 900 minutes (15 hours). These costs essentially quell any incentive I may have to compete.

  5. Cheaper/Quicker Route to Rewards - Alternatively, I can allot an equitable amount of gems toward a 2-for-1 legendary pack. This would remove the inane time commitment associated with this event.

There are in fact two positive feedback loops: if you win early and win often, then your event trophy count will push matchmaking to repeatedly match you with opponents with higher battle mode trophy counts so that you win 50 event trophies from a win and lose 10 from a loss.

Losing early and losing often is a way to avoid this increased difficulty feedback loop.

The issue is that it’s easy to fall into a loop and hard to get out of it. So unless you have an alternating win/loss pattern with no streaks, you will fall into one of these loops without even trying.

This is a flaw in the design, and by playing to win early, most players will fall into the increased difficulty feedback loop.

In other words, not gaming the system is just letting the broken system game you.

I do not disagree. My comments on event manipulation were specifically pointed to the developer.

As per the concluding sentence of my comment on event manipulation:

This continues to be a severe flaw of which the developer have been aware. While it has benefited a few insiders whom have utilized this glitch, failure to correct it has resulted in the developers knowingly swindling many unaware players. These players were severely disadvantaged by the insiders who tanked and faced them instead of comparable players. Financial benefit may have been accrued by the developers from this unresolved issue.

Got a bad headache and can’t be bothered with all the jiggery pokery to manipulate the system at the best of times - just stage 1 rewards for me - the only thing I’ve got from events this week. The 24 hour ones were too low level as were the other events :stuck_out_tongue:

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