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New hidden creatures

I’ve usually got 4 hidden creatures (the apexes) with the update I now have 10 and I have andrewtodon unlocked didn’t they announce 4 continental creatures? If so there are 2 extra slots

From what I can tell there’s only one extra slot. I only have the 4 apexes, the three continental dinos, and Tsintaosaurus to unlock, and I have 9 slots. Maybe you still have something else to unlock? Do you have a picture? You can also hold down on each locked dino to get the spawning info.

Screenshot_20210323-110041_JW Alive

You may be missing a creature, but I have 1 unidentified missing creature. I’ve got 6 undiscovered, 2 are apex, 3 are the new ovi, hadro, and struth, leaving only 1 for me

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I don’t know if it’s real


I’m way more exited than I should be about this
It is actually possible with it possibly being the secret creature, another legendary, and its a dodo!!!


I believe that if it is that, the delineate of the drawing is very similar to JWA

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I’m only missing Tsintaosaurus, Struthiomimus, Rincheria(sp?), and Stegoceras, so there’s definitely a new creature that hasn’t been mentioned before.


either a new unannounced non hybrid legendary wild spawn, or… april fools boss.


I looked at all the day spawns and all the creatures available for that spawn time I have

Four apexes,four continentals and then 2 others. And I am almost certain I have all normal creatures unlocked or at least discovered

Just checked I have EVERY SINGLE creature unlocked/discovered that are not apex/continental it’s a glitch or something

Just the april fools boss

Hey, you never know, it could be a new creature unlocked by defeating the April fools day boss! (It was probably hidden in the code where the Gamepress people couldn’t see it.) :shushing_face:

My theory on the Dodo is that it will be both the April Fools raid boss and a new Epic creature (probably an exclusive). The border color/rarity doesn’t really mean much if it is the april Fools boss: rember last year how there were goat portraits of several different rarities? The datamine has code for an “epic dodo incubator” but that could just be what you get for beating the Dodo boss. However, there was also code for “guaranteed Dodo DNA”, which leads me to believe that it may be a real creature. Unlike the last April Fools bosses, the Dodo is an actual prehistoric animal in addition to being a joke character, so it’s more reasonable to actually add it to the game. But the “guaranteed Dodo DNA” may just be an oversight, and it’ll just be the April fool’s boss.


I really think that if you are going to make a legendary creature like parasaur lux

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It’s been confirmed that the image is fake. However the data mine does point in the direction that dodo is in the code.


Well the border color on the image means even less if it’s fake, but the rest of what I said stands :sweat_smile:

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Inb4 it’s Bumpy or Cerato.

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I’m hoping April Fools boss is the drone.

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I’m having dejavu about this… I remember suggesting about a drone boss that had moves that did things like drain your health by firing darts or zap and electrocute you or paralyzing zap that was like stun… idk

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