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New hidden creatures

whatever you say

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I’ve suggested that too before, about a drone having evasive moves. Would be a hilarious boss.

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You should blur spoiler as some people might not want spoilers

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There, yes?

The image is not blurred

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So glad I can read this, anywho, not exited about that dung badge but certainly am exited about dodo’s and compies

I must clarify that the photos are reference, since the argentavis is from ark, they are only reference photos

Ok, thanks for clarifying

well, my post has just been deleted, we can confirm that it is true

I can see that emoji being spammed so much lol

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Wednesday is now over and past for some parts of the world… has anyone found anything about the new “Wednesday spawn”?

it was a visual bug. no new creature.

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I remember 3 updates ago that some people had a Dodo on the map, even this emoticon, so I think that may be the creature in question.

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I’ve never seen this before, isn’t that the JWtG dodo boss? but pink


pretty much. it’s an easy place holder for a future dodo model.
tho i expect the actual dodo to look more like this


Where is this from?