New horned dinosaurs?

As much as I love the variety we now have, I can’t help but feel the ceratopsians aren’t getting enough representation. How about:


And MAYBE epic Triceratops?

I love the horned dinosaurs and only 4 (counting rare and common Triceratops separately) seems a waste.


I’d be game for that.

While I like seeing new dinos, adding new dinos isnt always a good thing. Hybrids are the end game here… which means outside of collecting them new dinos that aren’t hybrids dilute the spawn and incubators pool. Im not convinced ludia can add new base dinos that have real effect on gameplay. The pterosaur update really drove this home… outside of one epic the only playable things that we got from that update were hybrids. After I collected them all I was like ok now if they can never spawn again that would be great.

I know not everyone plays to be competitive, and some just like to collect them… but a large portion of the player base wishes to be competitive and new dinos that aren’t hybrids just increases the chances of not getting the hybrid components we need to progress.

I’m all for new dinos, real and hybrid.

While I understand your point, I have to disagree. To put it simply…I actually hate the hybrids. I want to collect and use the pure dinosaurs, so I will always propose new dinosaurs in their original forms.

What would be nice is separating dinosaurs into a variety of leagues: a “pure” league and a “hybrid” league. This would provide a variety of ways to play and give purpose for the purebred dinosaurs aside from just creating hybrids.

If you like the hybrids, that’s cool by me, but it would be nice to have a separate league for using traditional dinosaurs.

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While i dont have any preference the maker of this game has choosen hybrids to he the end game. They could have done alot of things to give pure dinosaurs more of a spot then just a fusing component.

In the movies the hybrids became the most dangerous and the storyline revolves around them. I am assuming the game designers decided to follow that pattern since the game is based from the movie. Just my thoughts.


If the dinosaur doesn’t lead to a hybrid in this game, then I couldn’t care for it