New hybird idea

Is there any chance this snake could have a hybird with another creature? It is been a while he is still same

There is always a chance.

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she is more likely to win a hybrid with terrestrial dinos.
In JWA, the titanoboa became hybrid with the dilophosaurus.

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Can you show me?

I didn’t find a better image of the dilophoboa, it seems that few people have it on JWA.




That would be awesome to see some cool snake hybrids. Particularly since they both go so nerfed they aren’t particularly useful now.


And it also has an interesting super hybrid version: dilophoboa+spinosaur


I completely dislike the design of both these hybrids at JWA. In addition dilophosaurus has already a hybrid. I fint it more possible the two snakes of JWTG to be used for a new hybrid snake .

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I just used it as an example :slight_smile: