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New hybrid and new dinos bug- swap bug


New hybrid and new dino if get hit by pinning strike and some of the skill was lock the dino to don’t let swap, the new hybrid and new dinos would can not swap and only fight until die. Example : pinning strike only lock enemy 1 turn to don’t let enemy swap, but the new hybrid and new dino would cannot swap even after 1 turn and fight until die also cannot swap anymore. Please fix it, new hybrid and new dinos got many bugs and problem, fix it faster . And the dinos sound bug in battle also need to fix, all dino no sound in battle when they not yet attack.


Hey Jacky_Om, thanks for reporting this. Contact our support team here at with more information and your support key so they can investigate further.


the dino’s sound missing still not yet fix. The dino’s sound when using skill and attack still got and music also got in battle, but when us choosing skill and the dino stand there was no more sound come out from the dino( the roar sound and foot step on the ground sound is missing when dinos stand there and not yet fight.) And the Swap bug, is not only for new dino, i find out sometime even other old dino also would got this swap bug ( get hit by pinning attack, then cannot swap anymore after many turn)