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New Hybrid and Prehistoric Dinosaur ideas


My most eager suggestion is to give Spinosaurus Gen 2 a hybrid, it’s a classic beast from the original trilogy, and it must be respected. I believe the Tryostronix is an excellent candidate, because they have similar features already. If I were to stack this hybrids abilities I would give it: Lethal Wound, Ready to Crush, Defense Shattering Impact, Ferocious Strike, and Immunity. It would obviously be a Unique.
Other suggestions?


Do you mean Spino Gen 1 or 2? Gen 1 already has a hybrid.


Gen 2, my b

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Tryostronix is already a SuperHybrid it CAN’T get a hybrid.also,metahub datamined that there’s “spinonyx”,it’s probably a hybrid of spinoG2 and BaryG2

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Metahub data mining revealed that there’s a new hybrid “Spinonyx” in game.
Might been released in the future.

But Tryostronix itself is a super-hybrid. We haven’t seem any super-hybrid become ingredient.

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Then what about a Spino G2 and Suchotator? Super High HP medium damage astounding bleed damage