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New hybrid coming? [ screenshots now available ]

I am so annoyed with myself that I didn’t take a screenshot before closing the app, but on one of the Instagram JWA ads, today, there was a Megalogaia (labelled as such) being fed in AR.

And, as you may have well guessed from the name, it is a hybrid between Megaloceros and Mirigaia.

What did it look like? It was basically Megaloceros, with the spines of Mirigaia along its back. Don’t remember seeing any scales or anything (it was like 4 hours ago), and it looked pretty cool.

However, the thought of a swap in regen, with a regen move, plus the probability of counter attack (slowing, maybe?), is something I don’t think I’d wanna face in the arena.

Edit: Screenshots now!


Spiky moose! I’d want it for my collection.


i read that as megalania at first and got excited for a giant monitor.
spiky moose sounds good too.

I want to know where you found this

I tried to google Megalogaia… Google suggested this instead:


Can a photo of it be posted here?

Wish Instagram would actually advertise something that relevant to me… I’ve lost count of the chocolate/flower adverts I’ve told them I don’t want to see.

Here’s hoping someone picks up a screengrab soon!

Saw it in an Insta ad this morning. Unfortunately, JWA Insta ads don’t pop up too often, and generally never show up again. I’ve been checking back to see if I can find it again.


Well I guess I’d be disappointed yet again that the black steg hybrid that’s somewhat decent looking would be a victim of another stupid mammal hybrid.

How about cezonic or whatever mammal thing make hybrids with each other and then the dinosaurs mix with dinosaurs?

Tired of good dinos ruined by mammals.


Since the realise of Megalo I wss hoping it will get a hybrid with dsungaia

Shielded Decel Strike
Ferocious strike
Decel Impact
Dig In

Decel Counter

Swap in heal


It would be basically a spiky deer with bada*s antlers

More likely a Unique superhybrid between Megaloceros and Dsungaia no?


I like this idea, I hope it’s true because a unique between the deer and Dsungaia is logical and could be so strong, good bulk + decel counter + Ferocious strike + Dig in + Decel impact + immune to decel + swap in heal, that’s a lot of stuff is crazy

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You’re right, there is a good chance of it. I completely forgot about Dsungaia! (Don’t use it or see it much in Lockwood Estate)

if it is a dusngaia hybrid, i gotta get working on getting my duck and deer to lv 20.

I’d keep your Deer at lvl 10 if I were you and just keep saving any DNA you might get until hybrids are confirmed.


I don’t know how AR works, but in sanctuaries, you can’t feed hybrids…
Is this just a feature of AR? Can you feed or play with anything?

Well that was the really odd thing. The model was so minimally altered, and that it could be fed. Though, honestly, they do have some weird ads.

I have seen some with “red team” and “blue team”, in the past

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Something I wonder about Megaloceros:
is it male or female?
Usually deer and moose have no horns on the females. But lorewise JWA’s hybrids are female, so… O.o It’s a horned female megaloceros?


it’s not that far out there. female reindeer have antlers as well.