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New hybrid coming? [ screenshots now available ]

But what rarity would it be

It has to be regular miragaia, you can’t see any dsungaripterus in the hybrid, so it has to be regular miragaia and not the hybrid dsungaia.

Agreed, I felt bad for poor pachy getting mixed with smilodon :persevere:

I’m waiting for a reptile/mammal/bird superhybrid. I would happily call it “the abomination”

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Ah, and now I just realized InGen may give us the very first taste of real buffalo wings…

Well I have Miragaia DNA for days and it is already a level 20. Now to work on Megaloceras by getting it to level 20.

It might not be a Unique hybrid.

If it isn’t made from dsungai that’s good ish. The colours are still disappointing thiugh

Alloraptor has potential for one badass looking unique raptor. We just have to wait until Ludia decides do give her a hybrid.