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New hybrid:Dilophopleura

Dilophoboa + arthropleura
Rarity: unique
Health: 4200
Attack: 1250
Armor: 30%
Speed: 121
Critical : 20%
Presice distracting strike; attack x1, bypass evasion, reduce opponents attack by 50% for one turn.
Decelerating impact
Venemous rampage ( see my idea for a venom debuff)
On escape rampage
Immune to distraction
New debuff: Venom ( yes, i know venomous counter already exists but i liked the idea of a venom debuff) ; bypass immunity, reduce opponents damage by 50%, lockdown,reduce speed by 50%

New creature: arthropleura
Rarity: epic
Health: 3600
Attack: 1150
Speed: 112
Armor: 30%
Critical: 5%
Decelerating rampage
Tough exoskeleton: priority, increase armor by 20% for 2 turns, cleanse, increase speed 10% for 2 turns.
Questions? What should i change?

And what might this look like?

I’m not sure yet! :joy:

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maybe give it some counter (not sure what though)

I have a good rework for the Venom (an OP one)
New debuff: VENOM
Is like the DOT but instead of damage the opponent for a percentage, it will damage for 0,5x damage every turn
This affect the venomous Counter, so now is very similar to Bleeding Counter but with 0,5x damage

Also can I draw the hybrid?

Go ahead and draw your version of it. I’m open to suggestions for its design.

10 characters

Nice hybrid. It’ll be hilarious to see a snake with legs

And a frill.

I thought titanoboa was a constrictor

Here’s a design i tried( it would look better if i had found my better art tools,sorry.)

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I think that’s the best it can look like without being an utter abomination. I mean, honestly, insect and reptile DNA? That’s a huge crate of appendages and bodily functions that don’t match at all.

Good job on the drawing.