New hybrid dinosaurs

In general I would like you to place more dinosaurs or new hybrid creatures from the other Jurassic Worldel game like the Entelorhacos or the glytronax maybe in a future version these Cenozoic hybrids are together with the giant armadillos. Would you like these creatures to implement the game comment below in the comments? .

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Is that Entelorhacos? Looks pretty awesome, I’d like something like that in the game.


That thing better not turn out to be the Phorusaura Unique, because all my Entelodon went into Pumba.


Yeah, mines gone too. And all I did was unlock Entelomoth :rofl:

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If it ever gets made, then I hope it’s a Phorusrhacos Gen 2 (Epic) + Entelodon hybrid.

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I fully expect at some point we’ll get everything that JWG has.