New hybrid for dimodact

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Were did the resilient attack from? Normaly for a hybrid the attacks would come from the ingredients. There is no resilient rampage in any of the ingredients

It’s a wildcard, it has moves from all three classes.

I know but both dymodactulys and arcanthro both dont have a resilient like move and when I mean resilient I mean no healing or cleansing like moves

suchotator and thylacotator and coelhaast and dodocevia be like


It should not be wild card it should be fierce-resilient

suchotator is that I dont know what to say about it

Dodocevia isnt supposed to be wild card its supposed to be cunning only

Well, Most flocks are cunning resilient to begin with (Actually just the 2.7 ones, but you get the point)

well ludia doesn’t do classes very well

At the moment, yes, but with 2.12/13, we will likely have class changes (therefore dodocevia will probably become determined, you get the point)