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New hybrid for suchutator and Charlie

I think suchutator and Charlie need a new hybrid creature so I made a hybrid of both of them.
What do you guys think? Should I change it are are you guys OK with it.


First: Buff that health. It is awful, especially when Suchotator has 4500.

Second: Replace Greater Emergency Heal with something like Maiming Wound or Lethal Wound.

Third: Swap-In Wound could be replaced, but Iā€™m not sure yet.

Fourth: Why does High Pounce have a Revenge Effect?

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I changed is it good now?

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Well now it has ways too much health. I would say that you can set it to something like 3300 and the speed down the 122, especially since it has an immunity to decal.

Speaking of the Decel immunity, where did that come from?

I feel like 90% of the creatures everyone makes now have 100% decel immunity. Everyone needs to east up on perhaps the best resistance in the game, not everything gets to be OP