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New hybrid from unique?

What do you think about this…?


Looks like Indoraptor, maybe a hybrid similar to it?


Indo Gen 2?


It has a similar stance to indoraptor, but I highly doubt we will get a hybrid from a unique. If this is like an indo g2, possibly blue mixed with indom. However, there are other possibilities. Corcodilians like Kapro, posto, and Purutaurs have stances like this as well. Could also be another hybrid for them.

I think it’s cool on one hand but this means we now have another level of hybrids… I really hope they give us a new way to fuse so it goes faster…

I really hope it’s indo and blue!!! @Qiew

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It’s got a rat tail!

Obviously Indo+Rat.


Limnoscelis? That thing can’t look this terrifying, can it?

Edit: so twitter says a new superhybrid. Probably a unique.
Though the purple glow makes me think this is the God tier.


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Rat can still get a hybrid. However, i would think it would be with something like Maiasaura.

I can see it now. Swap in rampage and instant rampage. :astonished:

Please no more I. Rex hybrids, they’re a pain to make…

It looks like a croc style dino so can be another hybrid from kapro,posto,purrutaurus,purrolyth,nunda or even megalosuchus

I’d love another Kapro hybrid that’s more like Kapro, though this thing looks more like an indoraptor.

That would be a cool dino for sure…lindo and Blue.

The head remind me ophiacodon…
I really wish him to get a unique so he can stop be forget

Remember when the silhouette of smiloceph was shown? Hoping this hybrid will look better.

Purataurus and Allo gen 2 hybrid :crossed_fingers:t2:


As long as it’s not part ugly rhino, I think it’ll look just fine.

Then again, I might have said the same about Dsungaia before I actually saw it.

It does show slight similarities to Indo, but why do people think it’s an Indo hybrid? Indo is already a superhybrid, which means an Indo hybrid would be a super superhybrid.