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New hybrid Idea - Amphibian

Hi, Ludia and everyone,
here is my last idea hybrid:

Created from Sinoceratops level 40 + Gryposuchus level 40
Type: Amphibian
Rarity: Tournament Legendary Hybrid

Stats on Level 40:
Health: 8 730
Attack: 2 963
Coins: 426 601/2h

Cost: 52 800 DNA

model based on crocodiles with 4 high limbs. (Nundasuchus, Postosuchus, Ostaposaurus, etc) Sharing their animations.His appearance resembles Ostaposaurus. His head is adorned with a shield inherited from Sinoceratops and various spines and growths from both of his “parents.” His mouth is quite elongated (thanks to Gryposuchus). Thanks to that, he can easily resemble a kind of dragon’s head. In the middle of his back is a series of points stretching to the end of the tail. At level 31 to 40, his shield is slightly larger and has a hard shell with more spines on his back


Koolanopterus = koolasaurus level 40 + zeijangopterus s dna
8650 health
4270 attack

Einiops = einiosaurus level 40 + Eryops level 40
9870 health
1900 attack

Achantogyrhinus = achantostega level 40 + Proterogyrhinus level 40
6430 health
2870 attack

Ostaposuchus = ostaposaurus level 40 + Prionosuchus s dna
9130 health
4860 attack

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Ostaposuchus = ostaposaurus lvl 40 + 3900 koolasuchus S-DNA
At level 40
11294 health
4685 attack
1950 koolasuchus S-DNA to buy in market

If I have my say, you absolutely need a hybrid for Aerotitan and Corythosaurus.

I think they should do an indolphosourus rex

I’ve made one with Aerotitan and Scaphog

We should also getting gen 2 amphibians. Wasn’t there a kapro gen 2 leaked a while ago? And they should add Koolasuchus and diplocaulus gen 2

Gorgosaurus gen 2?
Gorgosuchus gen 2?

Ostaposuchus - SuperHybrid

Ostaposaurus and 5000 Koolasuchus DNA makes the Ostaposuchus

Rajasterotops - SuperHybrid

Rajastega and Nasutoceratops DNA make the Rajasterotops

Allosinosaurus - Hybrid

From JWA the Allosaurus Gen 2 and the Sinoceratops make the Allosinosaurus

Parasteus - Aquatic hybrid

Edestus and Parasaurolophus Gen 2

nah, alloraptor better than alosino.


I agree that allosinosaurus is more possible then alloraptor because all raptors have hybrids and he is made with a raptor squad and they can’t change their creatures too much

Here are my ideas

Kentrotitan = kentrosaurus level 40 + Areotitan level 40
4370 health
2240 attack

Scaphodontosaurus = scaphognathus level 40 + Secodontosaurus level 40
3830 health
2560 attack

Corythocheirus = corythosaurus level 40 + deinocheirus level 40
3590 health
2870 attack

Ostaposuchus=ostaposaurus lvl 40+3900 koolasuchus S-DNA
Health 11290
Attack 4717
S-DNA cost 3900 to fuse 1950 to buy

Shunognathus=shunosaurus lvl 40+scaphognathus lvl 40
Health 6438
Attack 2592
DNA cost 37,520