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New hybrid idea opikyboa

An epic or Legendary super hybrid
Ankylicodon + titanoboa gen2
Health 4200
Dmg 1200
Speed 110
Crit 20
Armor 25

Shielded decelerating strike
Precise rampage
Precise armor piercing impact (or rampage, but i think 2 rampage it’s too much)
Immobilize (i know​:unamused:, but if you think it makes sense, it’s a sanke that wraps around you :scream:, and i dont have more ideas :rofl:)
On scape dust cloud

I know what you are thinking, immobilize plus on escape ?, thats make no sense, but I gave him immobilize to pass the turns of delays and enemy buffs

I did this hybrid already but cool and it’s anklyocodon not anklyicodon