New Hybrid idea or vindictive evil person?

With many people complaining about Maxima, Gemini, or Indo G2 now would be the best time to introduce a new hybrid. Bring back an ability that exists in the game code but no current dino uses.

One that is -Not- a long term goal since we have way too many of those already.

I unveil a new evil, err, dino to amuse everyone.


Unique: Dracoceratops and Ophiacodon Hybrid

Health: 3600
Attack: 1300
Speed 108
Critical 40%
Armor: 0

It’s attacks are the same as a Dracoceratops however the Defense Shattering nature of Ophiacodon reveals itself by changing Swap in Savagery for Swap in Shattering Rampage. Ophiacodon’s nature also passes down a 40% critical chance and full Immunity. No slowing or swap preventing this baby.

I’ll just leave this here and let the love and happiness that this would create fill the air.


Cool idea hope they make it

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Oh my! What a twisted mind you have! This thing would be worse than IndoG2 !!


It wouldn’t be much different from the original Dracorat…

As soon as they got rid of the ‘shattering’ part of the swap-in it became waaaay more manageable. Until boosts became a thing of course. This wouldn’t be evil so much as unfun to exist.

Given how easy it is to.make, it would be essentially DracoRat circa 1.7 to 1.9

Why thank you.

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Way back then some people said that if a unique had the swap in it would be more acceptable. Do they still hold this belief? It would be fun to find out.

That was in a pre-boost environment. I think if it just had swap in shattering strike… it could be a thing. Probably need a slight change to the stats and move-set too.

Given its move was the problem even before boosts. After boosts it would be worse.

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This is basically the old Dracorat isn’t it? That couldn’t be swap prevented and didn’t need to crit.