NEW HYBRID: IGUANOSUCHUS in the game - (NO Amphibian Hybrid)

What can I say? My hopes were up and now they have been crushed by Ludia. I am beyond disappointed that after all the requests to have a decent amphibian hybrid, Ludia decides to add yet another herbivore hybrid–Never mind that Armormata, Dracoceratops, and even a super hybrid (Gigakylocephalus) were recently added to the game.

Numerous requests have been put over the months (years) to have a good amphibian hybrid. This leads me to believe that Ludia has no plans to listen to the faithful players. Maybe is their strategy to keep us waiting for years.

Well, I give up. I will invest my time on something better and less disappointing (and frustrating) than this game.


It was never confirmed to be an Amphibian Hybrid, just that it’s component was Gryposuchus. Everyone just jumped the gun on what it could be.



I would have liked a postosuchus build with a long snout

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Can’t say i blame you, i would of given up awhile ago with some of the changes ludia has done over the year, only problem is i have spent so much time in this game, been playing for a VERY long time that it would feel like a waste. Maybe i’m just so used to being burnt by ludia but it’s just used to rolling my eyes and going “oh…great, something else no one wanted or asked for.” I am ngl i feel like that teaser with grypo and Iguana did feel like ludia baiting us alittle, did never say it was a amphib hybrid, sure. But the hints were there, i’m sure Ludia knew they were stoking the fire. I’m just really disappointed. First Bumpy is a fire fly in later levels for some reason and now we get a herb hybrid who is more expensive then dracoceratops and yet, the draco is stronger? Scorpius rex was great, but all the hybrids we are getting after are underwhelming, ludia has really dropped the ball and i hope they get back in the game and make hybrids/creatures players actually want Like Allo gen 2 with a new model (JWAs), Legendary Reef hybrid, amphib hybrid better then gorgo etc.

Please ludia. Please do better, thanks.


Ludia: Amphibians are trash and extinct.


Why did they throw away Grylenken and Edmonguanodon?

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I’m more confused as to why Grypolyth wasn’t added. They could have just had Gryposuchus fuse with Sarcosuchus S-DNA and bring over the Grypolyth model from JWA, and boom, we’d finally have another powerful amphibian hybrid after the past 6 years since Gorgosuchus was added. And for reference, the only other amphibian hybrid that’s been added ever since then was Diplosuchus.

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I mean, at least I was kind of right on the Iguanosuchus design, with the Grypo head and armour along with the rest of the creature being Iguanodon features!

I said this prediction on this hybrid’s speculation forum.