New hybrid of Iguanodon and Gryposuchus

Now I have two ideas of what it’ll look like.

  1. An Iguanodon with Gryposuchus jaws and possibly crocodile tail. OR…

  2. A Gryposuchus that’s tall with Iguanodon thumb spikes and possibly beak.

Now these are just my guesses…


I really hope it’s the second one

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My guess…




Just pray, pray for it and it’ll come true.

People have been praying for an amphibian canon hybrid for 4 years. How long does it need us to pray ?


I hope is that he’s having the kapro animation like ostapo. It’s name probably is grypoguanodon unless they decide to give it a new name like for chromaspinus

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I understand your pain, but LUDIA should be caughting on not to long from now.
Just give them some more time.
Also, they listen to the Gaming Beaver and trust me, once he starts asking, you’ll see more amphibians.

Guys I think that new hybrid was Scorpios Rex Gen 2!! Because Hybrid original Teaser was not release. only Hybrid Compenents Teaser Was Release Igua Is Look Like Scorpios Animation

What will they use to make a Gen 2 Scorpious Rex with? They don’t have any Gen 2 Albert’s or Deino’s.

Wait, do you think that mixing the Iguanodon with Gryposuchus to make a Scorpious Rex, I don’t think so.
You need a carnivore to mix with something to make a carnivore, not an amphibian with a herbivore.

But I do think your right, but not a Scorpious Rex, but instead something else. Something else that was in the series possibly.

I haven’t watch any of them so I don’t know what it’s about or what’s in it, I’m just thinking there’s a hybrid.

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Well, it’s out and it’s of course a herbivore, but it hardly even shows the crocodile in it.
It has a longer mouth, but still has more Iguanodon looks in face and body, the only other different is spikes on the back and scales.
Also, it is called Iguanasuchus, which I do like, but nothing else.
Curse you LUDIA, curse you for making more herbivores.

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