New Hybrid of Secodontosaurus and Tylosaurus

It’s called Tylodontosaurus “Swollen Toothed Lizard” It’ll be a Tylosaurus with the sail and claws of Secodontosaurus and will be an Aquatic

Ah cool a new surface Hybrid

Can’t happen. It’s VIP.

yeah but if VIP dinos would have a hybrid i think the stats of it will be somewhat like super rare superhybrids or even legendary super hybrids

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I think the game would not be ready to welcome VIP hybrids due to their ferocity which would be truly high.
Greater than that of the Indoraptor!
For now it’s better not.

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I don’t think it’ll be fair to have VIP hybrids because players that don’t want to join VIP couldn’t get them, like little kids that look ve dinosaurs but can’t pay. It just wouldn’t be fair unless they make it we’re everyone can get them.


I did the math with all of it. They’d be slightly less if not identical to indoraptor

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however, those who are not VIPs cannot access it

Yeah it’d be unfair

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