New hybrid Ophiacomimus

A new Hybrid is on it’s way. It’s a merger of Gallimimus and Ophiacodon. I cannot see if it is a herbivore or a carnivore but it looks like a herbivore.

I can make 9 of them in a row. I knew that this day would come where evolving all this useless creatures would pay back.
Screenshot_20200401-140206_Jurassic World Screenshot_20200401-140123_Jurassic World

Ok, it is a herbivore but I’m not going to buy one for 10,000 loyalty points.


Sorry @Isabelle, I obviously once again forgot to categorize my topic.:roll_eyes:

Happy birthday @Isabelle!!!


Had to hatch him… Glad to have a new hybrid.


Is nice one. Anyone else thinks his head reminds a Raptor head? :smiley:
Dont worry about his stats, I think Ludia will rebalance them.

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Raptor head Gallimimus is exactly what i thought as well. Cool little thing to have


Yah i love this nef one for that :smiley:

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Makes me wonder what other hybrids are in store
There’s only a few non-tournament dinos left without a hybrid:
And finally Scaphognathus


I would appreciate a pterosaur hybrid. That one from Suchomimus is quite weak.


Well nice to have something useful for all the Ophiacodons I’ve collected from doing modded PvP’s! Too bad I only have 2 level 40 Gallimimus though so won’t be adding more than 1 but it’s a neat looking new hybrid for sure. I really like the sleek lines this one has… but guessing those might disappear as it levels up.


I really like it , especially it’s last form. Fan fact about this new hybrid : it’s name means "snake mimic "in Greek. If you look it from the neck to its head , now that it has slippery scales, it really looks like a snake, especially when it has the bright colors !


Cuanto tarda en eclosionar este nuevo hibrido?

Translated from Spanish

How long does this new hybrid take to hatch?

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How long does this new hybrid take to hatch?

7 hours and 16 minutes (for the one bought from the Market - fusion was 4 hours I think?)

Can you post the stats for each level and the selling cost? That’s what I need to fill in the rest of the info on our spreadsheet.


Rare hybrids should be a 2 hour fusion for the lvl 11. There’s a sheet called Creation Lab that has all the times on it if you ever want to check prior to dropping something in (particularly useful before paying bucks!)

Here they are.

Screenshot_20200403-200624_Jurassic World Screenshot_20200403-200654_Jurassic World Screenshot_20200403-200642_Jurassic World

Screenshot_20200403-200608_Jurassic World

Oh, I meant the fusion of Gallimimus and Ophiacodon was 4 hours I think.

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Could you tell me how long the following dinos take to hatch: Mamut and Leedsichthys?
Thank you

Mammoth is hatching 7 days, like others golden legendaries (tournament) creatures