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New hybrid: Spynokylosaurus

The spynokylosaurus Is a legendary Hybrid Of Spinosaurus And Ankylosaurus.

It has the same Spino Body structure, Of course With the ankylo Armor, It has a beak, A spine with spikes on top of it… It has spikes on the sides of its head, and a line of spikes running down on both right and left of its body.

Colors: Purple, With a green and black pallet for its armor.

Artists: how do you think this will look like?
Other: what do you think it’s stats will be? What attacks would it have?

Also, shout out to @Snake_Dude for making last dinos art.

I do have a hybrid of Spinosaurus Gen 2 and Alankylosaurus

Nice! Can you show an image of it?

Sure. It’ll take a minute though. Gotta find it

Ok, while you do that, I’ll make a poll for my next Dino battle

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Here is the link to the post. I created the stats and moves, he created the image that went with it.

The icon looks very nice and the creature it’s self looks nice… I like it!

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