New Hybrid Suggestion: Drylodon

This deadly hybrid is something that I hope gets in JW/TG. I’ve also chosen to make its evolutions fairly simple just like the Mylodon.

Level: 1 - 40
HP: 2,556 - 14,161
ATK: 631 - 3,497
Ferocity: 4,575.2 - 25,351.4
Coins: 9,125 - 2,920,146/10H
Rarity: VIP Hybrid
Animation Set: Therizinosaurid

Evo 1: Despite being part ground sloth, the Drylodon is a swift, agile, ninja of a dinosaur, ambushing enemies whether it be in the dead of night, or in the youth of the morning.

Evo 2: The Drylodon is a behemoth of a dinosaur, growing up to 35 feet in height and weighing up to 35 tons!

Evo 3: Despite its appearance saying otherwise, the Drylodon is not a therizinosaurid. Its a hybrid of the Mylodon and the Dreadnoughtus. It was given a therizinosaur-like build because if it had the body of a sauropod, the Mylodon’s huge claws would cause pain and difficulty walking.

Evo 4: The Drylodon’s claws are unusually powerful, being able to cut metal in two with no difficulty or damage to the claws!

I hope you can understand that for now, I can’t accept new requests to draw new creatures. I have a lot of leftover creatures that I need to introduce first before I can start accepting requests again. In the meantime, feel free to ask questions about the creatures, their stats, rarity, animation set, evolution facts, design, origins, etc. Feel free to draw fanart or your own version of the creatures and don’t be afraid to show them off! That’s all for now. Stay safe!

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Next is the super rare scarlet Dimetrodon, the legendary black monolophosaurus, Monolometrodon and monospinus. Monolometrodon will have the Dimetrodon base. Monospinus will have the spinosaurus base. Monospinus is a super hybrid of Monolometrodon and 4000 spinosaurus DNA.

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Okay @Albert_Bert. I’ll do these creatures. But I need to tell you that they’ll be accompanied by other creatures. And by that I mean every single leftover creature that I have, so it’s gonna take a very long time. Just letting you know if you ever feel worried that your requested creatures aren’t there yet :wink:.

I promise you and everyone here, from the forums, the community, to Ludia itself, that while there’s still blood flowing through my body, I will use all the best of my abilities and willpower to guarantee that all these creatures have a chance to see the light of day!

I’ll Let You In On A Little secret. These were all made on DeviantArt by Tyrannosaurus90s. The Images Are Right Here.

This is just so you have an idea of what you are working with.

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