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New Hybrid Suggestion

  1. Aerotitan + Corythosaurus = Super rare Pterosaurus or Herbivore Hybrid- (Aerosaurus or Corythotitan)

Corythotitan or Aerotitan
Health- 2980
Attack- 1011
Gold- 300000/12 hrs

I think this will be good. Any Changes folks?

  1. Scaphognathus + Quetzalcotalus = Legendary Pterosaurus Hybrid( Scaphotalus or Quetzagnathus)

Scaphotalus or Quetzagnathus
Health- 4930
Attack- 1470
Gold- 200000/2hrs

How about this?


A while back there was a pack for purchase called the Experiment pack,and it had Aerotitan,Scaphognathus,Eryops and Kentrosaurus in it,this should hint something I hope. I created a thread on it, all the 4 creatures in the pack have no hybrids.