New hybrid!?!? terrestrial + cenozoic?!?

From the news it’s either a new boss or a new hybrid:

If it is hybrid I believe it is lythronax + gliptodon

I don’t like this combination of Cenozoic armadillos with a carnivore that could win a hybrid with another much more “incredible” creature, but that’s okay …


I’m so surprised that this is going to be another carnivore. I’ve been desperately waiting for more of them.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
They should rename the game in ‘Jurassic world the game, carnivores edition’.


my carnivore slots on the island are running out now …
I don’t even like hybrids, I just wanted more new dinosaurs ;/


Carnivore or not, atleast they’re giving us new dinos so i can’t complain. I hope the stats are good though.


I’d better start working towards a second lvl 40 Lythronax. I don’t want to lose Lucifer (my current max Lythronax)
Edit: Bet it’s gonna be called Lythrodon (Gore tooth)

I need Lythronax unlocked so hopefully that is coming soon!

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Or Glyptothronax (Grooved King)

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I was just seeing this new announcement and thought that this is totally going to be the Lythronax hybrid a lot of us have been waiting. Personally, I love this hybrid, except it looks like it is too kind, with really big eyes. The only thing is that this new hybrid will ruin my idea of a Glyptodon and ground sloth hybrid. I love both names for the hybrid, except it should be Glypthronax and not Glyptothronax, but I also love the meaning of the name Lythrodon, although I don’t love the name as quite as much.

The only thing is that I don’t want to have to get two Lythronaxes and two Glyptodons because I don’t like it how when you fuse a hybrid, the level ten hybrid is weaker than the better progenitor, meaning you need two of each to either fuse together and get a level twenty one later, or you fuse one pair and keep the others.

I am a bit surprised that they are using a unique terrestrial instead of a more common carnivore, and a rarer Cenozoic or aquatic. I loved the Allonogmius.

Looks like everyone was correct:

I spotted one in the wild, it has some nice color:


I’ve seen him too, seems to be a nice guy.
Unfortunately I cannot take screenshots in a battle. I lose my connection if I try to.


From the same creators of blue, here comes: purple xD

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Yay, another carnivore!

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The only thing I don’t like about it’s design is that it isn’t covered in fur. Otherwise I love it.

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Kinda reminds me of Thanos

Another carnivore. Just what we all have been begging for.


You were the one who begged for it?
Why do they always listen to you.:tired_face::wink:


I know… I’m all for using the carnivores for hybrids… since there are so many of them… but maybe could have made this into a cavern hybrid instead of carnivore? And allonogmius could have been a cave.

What, you didn’t want another carnivore?! But all those other dinos are so lame! Heck we should have nothing BUT carnivores, the bigger, the better!!