New hybrid!?!? terrestrial + cenozoic?!?

Here are the stats. Don’t want to be repetetive, but he also seems underpowered. Cerazinosaur costs less, yet has better stats


Wait, this guy made an appearance in the Jurassic Park series, just without the cap and coat…



I like it,but I still wish we got more dinosaurs in the game.

I swear if they combine smilodon and pachycephalosaurus together again… first in JWA, and maybe now jwtg!

Pachycephalosaurus and Smilodon already have hybrids, and thus far in JWtG, a creature gets a single hybrid. So, no worries there.

For now…

Sarcosuchus have two hybrids, koolasaurus and diplosuchus…

Diplosuchus requires Sarcosuchus s-DNA which is, in game terms at least, different from hybridizing with a Sacrosuchus


Yeah, it would make the game really bad if they made it actual hybridization instead of S DNA hybridization.