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New hybrid, the Beaessaurus

Made with a couple commons that are found everywhere and useless for anything else.

7,000 Health
3,500 Attack
132 Speed
30% Armor
30% Critical

Basic Attack;
Distracting, Speedup Strike
Distracts opponent 50% for 1 turn
Speed increased by 15%
1x Damage

Other attacks;
Stunning Rampage
66% chance to stun opponent for 1 turn
2x damage attack

Critical Rending Attack
Increase CritiCal Chance by 50%
.6 of opponents max health as damage
Ignores armor and shields

Cleansing Hit and run:
Hits opponent for 1.5x damage
Automatic swap out

Swap In:
Heals player 50%
100% Invincibilty Shield for 1 turn

Yeah, why not

I didn’t put delays and cool downs on these moves because this hybrid is a completely ridiculous overpowered dinosaur. But so are the superboosted freaks. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Priority Paycheck:
move costs 50 HC to use
3x definite attack
Prevents swap out for 2 turns
Stuns 100% for 2 turns
50% damage boost vs immunes for 2 turns

On a serious note, an attack which did more damage to creatures with full/partial immunity would be so cool! Could perhaps be an addition to any creatures with Dilophosaurus DNA.

Venom Assault:
Deals extra damage to creatures who have immunities
Deals x1 Damage to creatures with 0 immunities (no cooldown)
Deals x1.5 damage to creatures with some immunities such as immune to stun (1 turn cooldown)
Deals x2 damage to creatures with full immunity (2 turn cooldown)

Different cooldowns for the same move. I see so many issues with that