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New hybrid Tyrant Indom

Tyrant Indom
Fuse Indominus Rex and either Rex or add Giga to fuse with it
Give it moves like
Cleansing strike
Armor piercing strike 1.5
Defense shattering rampage 2
And cloak
They could give it 102 speed to counter its strength

this is kinda a nerf to it tho besides the shattering rampage. giga is already in indoms dna so if it was in a movie it would just a be a stupider indom which takes away all its power cuz indom was so powerful due to her smarts and size, kinda like how indo was just a smaller indom. Plus the giga rex wouldn’t be any bigger cuz indom is already bigger than a giga.

If u want to make an apex indom
Armor: 10%
Crit: 40%
Attack: 1600
Hp: 4,500
Fierce Strike
Armor percing rampage
revenge cloak

Looking for a unique Indom with more attack and shield breaking capabilities

Kinda like that but I don’t think they would combine two legendarys for a unique