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New hybrid?

Anyone have strong suggestions for a certain dino the Procerathomimus could be made together with and make a unique hybrid or legendary?

Whatever its hybrid will be, it will most likely terrorize the arena. Adding Kelenken’s Raking Claws to it instead of its evasive stance would make it even more terrifying as a full immune with high speed.


I’d say mix procerath with something to give it high armor, sidestep and a 1x armor piercing counter. that would be stupidly broken.


Maybe with pyroraptor, proceraptomimus
healt 3100
DMG 1450
Speed 131
Armor 0
Crit 10%
Null strike
Evassive stance
Instant distraction


It’s almost the same :man_shrugging:t2:

Or maybe

Null strike (procera)
Jump (raptor)
Impact & run (ornitho)
Evassive stance (proceratho)

It could have precisse jump :face_with_hand_over_mouth::rofl:


[Procerathomimus + Titanoboa G2]

Health: 3600
Damage: 1200
Speed: 128
Critical: 20%
Armour: 0%

Shielded Decelerating Strike
Precise Rampage
Distracting Strike
Evasive Stance

On Escape Dust Cloud
Swap in Nullification

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Why not 131 speed?

Hybrids don’t always have to maintain the speed of their fastest parent. In fact, they really shouldn’t unless it makes perfect sense. Technically Procerathomimus shouldn’t have been 131 speed in the first place, since Proceratosaurus is all the way down at 125. Monomimus on the other hand, has 127 speed, which is as slow as it’s slowest parent, instead of being 130. We don’t need another broken rat.

In this case, Titanoboa G2 has like 110 speed, so why would that equate to a hybrid with 131 speed?
Procerathomimus just breaks so many laws, being the fastest it could possibly be, having way more Hp than both it’s parents, and having more damage output as well. And more survivability with evasive stance and double distraction.


Monomimus has 127 because of the nerf

If it eventually does get a superhybrid, I want it get that nullifying counterattack. Fuse it with concavenator or Tupandactylus maybe

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HP 3200
DMG 1200 (or less)
Speed 131 or 130
Crit 0
Armor 0
Defensive strike
Ferocious strike
Distrac rampage
Evassive stace
Nullifying counterattack
something like this?
It would make it one of the most powerful counter dinosaur :rofl: Even with 1000 attack, it only lacks regen :rofl::rofl:

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Check out my post: hybrid file #1: procerathoraptor
Hybrid file #1

I think the next update, Yoshi will get a superhybrid

That was what I hoped for as well, that Keleken and Procera get a unique super hybrid, how disappointing that this isn’t the case(if you know about the… 1.14 leak :shushing_face:)

Yeah, that crazy duck face lol.

Mr Scourge is that you?