New Hybrids, Brachiosaurus, other suggestions


First off, there are old dinos that would be wonderful to hybrid into dinosaurs we already have.

Ouranosaurus + Suchomimus = Spinosaurus

Please give us

Gallimimus+ Deinocherius = Erlikosaurus


Hmm…biologically, the hybrids you suggest just shouldn’t happened.
Spinosaurus is relative to Suchomimus, but Ouranosaurus is in another group.

Also, this game give Ourano epic class, but Spino is rare class, Spino gen2 is epic.


I would have said Dimetrodon + something = spino

Ourano also has a back fin like Spino.

but dimetro has two hybrids already.

some dinos just seem to not have any real value after you collect 1 of them.


Ouran and Sucho wouldn’t mix. Ouran doesn’t have much of a sail that Spino has; kinda has more of a hump like a camel. Spinosaurus is also more aquatic, but thanks to Ingen, it’s a hybrid of its own class, which is why it’s bipedal. Now if you mix Ouran with Sucho you’d get either Suchosaurus or Ouramimus, creating its own hybrid. Also Gallimimus + Deinocherius wouldn’t make Erlikosaurus, since we already have an Erli, so basucally replace Super Chicken with Death Ostrich.

Now a hybrid that could work (which would be cool now that I think of it) T-Rex + Spino. Two perfectly good top predators mixing into something even more threatening. Granted that probably won’t happen, but point being. That’s also the kid in me talking too, haha!


Since T. Rex already has 2 hybrid options I think that may be the max for a base creature.
A Tarbosaurus/Gorgo/Lythronax+Spino might be the next best thing which would still be pretty awesome I’m sure.
I guess if you wanted to recreate the Spino you could do Secodontosaurus+Suchotator. That seems to be what they were going for on that hybrid in the first place.
I’ve been hoping for a Seco hybrid anyway like maybe Seco+Amargacephalus for a death hedgehog look, plus all that armor and immunity wouldn’t be bad in the arena either.
You could possibly do Diplocaulus+Triceratops for a Pentaceratops look?
They could do Kentrosaurus/Wuerhosaurus+Gigaspikasaur to have an Agustinia look which would be super cool.
It’d really be cool to have Agustinia in the game in general, it’s so weird it’d fit right in


Yeah that’s true. It was just an example, though I think people would like Tarbo to get a hybrid, since it seems rather popular next to Rex. I can see a TarboSpino hybrid; that actually sounds really cool, haha! Though honestly, we need more regular dinosaurs over hybrids. While not all the hybrids are great (and looking at it from a different pov, it isn’t hard to see why), I feel like they could outnumber the non-hybrids.


Honestly, when I noticed that I’m a common, and Rexy is epic, I just feel so much disappointed.
I think I’m certainly second popular specie in T-rex family.

Com’on, Gorgo? Who’s this guy? Why do they even gave it rare class?
And Rexy got a rare variation, but I’m only common!?


Still a very popular common.


I still think they need flying creatures


Give it time, my dude. Soon, we’ll have Megalodon.