New hybrids coming!

Have you seen the news…?:eyes:

I think these would make sense to add:
Koolasaurus: sarcosuchus and koolasuchus
Alangasaurus: alanqa and majungasaurus
Carnoraptor: carnotaurus and pyroraptor
Erliphosaurus: erlikosaurus and dilophosaurus

All of these are from JW the game. And it would make very much sense to add them, because they alredy have all the dinos (including GEN 2).
Sooo im wondering if im acually predicting something here…

Would really make sense, because in JWTG we newly got the Monostegotops and this creature was a specific hybrid only in this game in JWA.

I wonder when this update will come out?

It already has. It’s just a post update

Did you get an alert to update or just go to the App Store?

It not out for iOS I just check apple shop and didn’t come up to update app.

I have Android

I went to the App Store

No you didn’t

How much you want to bet

How about you’re pocket money for the next two weeks :grin:

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Wait, we’re talking of Jurassic world alive, Jurassic World the game update literally just came out why would we be talking about Jurassic world alive?

No words just no words


We definitely need a Spikoondontovenasuchudon. :thinking:

Maybe because this is the JW Alive forum???

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Well it makes sense to add more hybrids seeing how extremely successful their latest ones like the Monolometrodon and the Nodopatotitan have been… :joy:

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