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New hybrids /Created by Me!

since titanoboa was included in the game, I wanted to see it mixed with indom (in this case g2)

Idominus G2+Titanoboa= Indoboa


•health: 4050
•Attack: 1400
•Speed: 110
•Armor: 0%
•Critical: 30%


100% to Stun
100% to Swap prevention
100% to Distraction
34% to Rending
75% to Vulnerabily
67% to Spees Decrease
100% to DoT
67% to Taunt

Smilodon is a global spawn that had no good hybrids (due to the current goal) … maybe mixing it with the vengeful frog will give it a touch

Entelochops+Smilodon= Smilochops


•Health: 3900
•Attack: 1300
•Speed: 128
•Armor: 20%
•Critical: 20%


•100% to Speed Decrease
•100% to Stun
•75% to Distraction

it just made me want to express and share my ideas, greetings and that they are well :wave:

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Nice wat wold thay look like

what does “wat wold” mean?

How do you make a Dino in the field guide.

the app itself does not have an option, I only use the format to put it as a base and put the skills

Emmmm maybe gen 2 of what you wanted


It’s very cool to see you getting creative with my Field Guide app! :slight_smile:

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