New hybrids ideas

I saw that they recently released the Dracorex, and so I thought that there should be more hybrids for herbivores, especially high power ones. So the first hybrid idea I had is the Einiorex. It combines the Einiosaurus with the Dracorex. It has a body like that of an ornithopod, but with the head of a ceratopsian/pachycephalosaurian. It has a spiky head with a medium sized frill. The face has the signature downward facing horn, and the frill has many long spikes protruding from it. It will have lots of health, like maybe 7000, around, and less damage, maybe verging on 1500. I don’t care what the coins are, but it doesn’t matter. It is unique, and a herbivore, obviously.


My second idea is for an Shunopelta. It combines the Shunosaurus with the Antarctopelta. It has a body reminiscent of the Nodopatosaurus from JWA, with similar armour on a sauropod body. It has lots of small scutes, looking like little rocks on its back. The face is long, with a spike protruding from the top, above the braincase. It has a club on its tail, from the Shunosaurus. It is classified in its own family, called Superbactra. This can be the fact for the final evlotution. It has medium health and damage, and I don’t care for what the coin production is. The rough stats are 6000 health and 2250 damage. It is a unique herbivore.


My last idea for now is the Amargacodon. It combines the Amargasaurus with Ophiacodon. It has a lizard like body, but with a sauropod mouth, square and full of blunt teeth. The feet are wide and muscular, like a sauropods. The back is covered in two rows of spines that are connected with sails. It is a herbivore, unique for its body shape. It is unique. It has enormous amounts of damage, and little health. About 4000 health and 3500 damage.


Another hybrid possibility is the Pachorythosaurus. It has an ornithopod body, with a semicircular crest and a ceratopsian frill. It has lots of health, around 8000, but barely any damage, verging on 1000. It is a unique herbivore hybrid.

These are all kinda strange, and will never get made, because they are all herbivores.

I have a lot will try to post by today but they can be VIP with VIP or tor and VIP some super crazy hybrid and some already have hybrid in game

But Loyalty creatures can’t have hybrids, only Commons, Rares, Super rares, Legendaries, and Uniques.

Besides, the only thing that should be better than the Indoraptor should be the Indoraptor gen 2, if they ever make one.

Some weeks ago I have thinked about an herbivore superhybrid, the fusion between zalmoxes and unayrinchus, i was thinking around 7500 health and 4000 damage

I don’t think that is good. For one, Zalmoxes is the most boring dinosaur in the entire game, it is unique, so it can’t make S DNA, it would look pretty much the same, and it shouldn’t be stronger than Indoraptor. The only thing that should be stronger than Indo is an Indo gen 2, if they ever make one.

Honestly, there should be a Ceno aquatic hybrid. I was thinking Helicoprion and Titanoboa. It would probably be Aquatic, but I was thinking making it a caves or reef creature. If not, it should be Caverns, as a ceno. A second hybrid would be the Edenken, or the Kelestus. It combines the Kelenken with the Edestus. It should be Plains, because having a bird that completely swims is insane. Except penguins. And maybe, maybe, the Geosaurchus. It combines Geosaurus and Andrewsarchus.

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I had an idea for a stegoceratops+ankylosaurus is a stankyloceratops

rarity-super rare
attack-4605 (lvl 40)
health-13250(lvl 40)
details: stankyloceratops is a stegoceratops with a club covered with spikes,longer horns,and armor

Did you just want people to say “stankyloceratops”?

Parasaur and ankilosair

I wanted something like ultimasaurus

ultimasaurus should be a indominus rex x stegoceratops - cuttlefish and frog +spinosaurus

imagine what it would look like.
I imagine a monster

ten characters.

Yay for Indo g2, but I’m a bit disappointed that it has the exact same coin production. It just seems kinda lazy. Also, I was hoping to have an Indo g2 that had way more health but only slightly less damage, as seen with the Indom g1 and g2. But instead it is an equal trade off. Also, when will we get things like Mammoth, Elasmotherium, Mammotherium, or any cenos in gen 2. And why did they just give us Mosasaurus gen 2 but not Dunkleosteus or Dunkleosaurus. It doesn’t make sense that they give us three jurassic gen 2s, then give us an aquatic gen 2, and then go back to jurassic. I don’t know, it just doesn’t make sense.