New hybrids in 1.5

Let the hype begins :heart_eyes:


What hype, there is no info to get hyped about.


This is just weird. No date, no hint, just an annoying hype post. Everyone knew new hybrids were coming.


Haha everybody know nrw hybrid will come, but whitout more info is a weird post. And everybody suspect all the saved dna of koolasuchus and spino gen2 wil still being useless cause they will do a hybrid of some dinos nobody dart like iguanodon xd


Even if they do a hybrid with the Styg Gen 2, I still don’t want it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I think I’m pretty sure there’s gonna be new hybrids in update 10.5, you second that?

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I swear if Koolasuchus is getting a hybrid I‘m gonna leave immediately.
Refused to collect DNA but first she spawned everywhere and now that hint…oh boy I feel I‘m gonna be regretting it.

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It says they will transform. So we are getting Optimus Primasaurus.


What do you think it means they’re going to transform jwa?

Waiting for Tanytator to happen…


Indeed … implies something more than normal …

L4! The best zone to live now with the migration changed! :sunglasses: I keep darting whatever I see, if I have enough time and darts. :slight_smile:


I just want Ankylocodon to be upgraded with long shield.

Maybe a Tany hybrid would be expected by most players.
or fuse two birds into an Air Titan focused on attack and semifast.

Iguanodon is also interesting. if the fuse started at level 10 I still had 17k DNA to spend on it.

Yeah, without any real information this is a pretty useless announcement. They could say “UPDATE 100.47 COMING!” and it would mean just as much. Get back to me when you actually have something to say.


Oh you’re just Mr Grumpy :wink:

Just a bit, but still. I’d like to actually hear some real news. Been sitting on so much DNA waiting for this…

Prepare for what. If a tornado is coming they say find underground shelter. If a fire is coming get a smoke alarm, a mask and get low. If a tsunami is coming find high ground and dont swim or drive in the water (as water can move cars easily and much debree is hiding under the water aswell as sewage water). JWA tell you of a warning and then say Prepare… soooo its like saying there is a disaster coming so prepare. So we say Which disaster? How do we prepare? When will it be here? They say not telling you till it comes. Ooo my goodness how frustrating how can you prepare arrrggghhhh :grin:

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Spino gen 2 deserves loves

Spinorex please

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Iguanodon will get a hybrid for sure, I just know it! and maybe Lythranax!

Just please Ludia don’t COMBINE them lol, we want a hybrid thats useable and we actual WANT to use lol

I am prepared! I stopped leveling up dinosaurs a week ago! Before I even heard this news!