New Hybrids - July 2019

Here’s a couple screen caps from the Megarchelon’s overpowered attack.

I dunno about y’all but the Megalodon is one of my all time favorites, plus I’ve always been fond of sea turtles (especially when diving up close to them), so when you mix a turtle with a shark you just can’t go wrong IMO.

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But it’s still not available.

Looks like a really angry Megalodon with those “eyebrows”

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I know, but it was available for a couple of hours before they removed the Fuse button. I was able to get one

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I’m so jealous! He looks so awesome. I love all the aquatics so much, and now that I’ve gotten a lot better at the PvP I do a bunch of them every day which seems to be the best way to collect them as I have so few of them unlocked. I have yet to get enough of any of the Legendaries to make a level 40 (albeit close with the Ammonite, just need 1 more). As I write this I have my first aquatic hybrid, the Leptostega being made in the lab, so thrilled to finally be able to make him and hopefully fill in some of the gaps in the top of my lineup from all the surface and cave VIPs I keep getting (I did just this week get another Henodus too, keeping my run of never getting Jurassic VIPs in my packs going, but at least finally getting another reef!) The Dunkleosaurus looks really cool too! But going to be long, long wait for me to be able to create him.