New Hybrids Update 1.4


(warning! Contains spoiler! Don’t read if you hadn’t had the monolometrodon or the nodopatotitan)
It’s been a few weeks since this new update comes out and new creatures + hybrids are introduced in to this new update but something that still bugging me is the new hybrids, both of them. Sure one of them is easy to create which is the monolometrodon and the other one nodopatotitan is… Not too hard… I guess? But things that i want to clear out is their moves. I think both of them needs/deserves a rampage move. For monolonetrodon i think it’s unnecessary for it to have the defense shattering impact. Maybe it should be changed into it’s originated move from dimetrodon’s gen 2 armor piercing rampage. Or change the distracting impact into distracting rampage.
And the nodopatotitan. It’s unnecessary for it to have slowing impact/short defense and bellow at the same creature. Both of them have the same effect. I think you should change the short defense with something like… Normal rampage? Like it’s originated from giraffatitan. Or it could be better if you mix nodopatosaurus’ armor piercing impact with girrafatitan’s rampage into armor piercing rampage.
That’s all the idea and thing’s that buggging me. It may look like that i’m really into armor piercing rampage maniac, but it’s not wrong. Armor piercing rampage really helps me in the arena. It trully does. Not only armor piercing rampage but the other rampages too!
That’s all that i have to say. Thank you for reading my idea for this 2 hybrid. I hope you can make my idea come true. It really makes me happy. It trully does. Once again thank you.