New Hybrids!

I’ve been away from JWA for a few weeks now besides the arena incubators, but I just saw this tweet about new hybrids coming in 1.5. Has there been any talk/news about what they are?


It just dropped on Facebook as well but when clicking the link it either takes you to the game or the website but no info whatsover!

It says to start preparing now but preparing what??

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Well what it should have said is start preparing months ago because we all know it’s gonna be ones we don’t bother darting! :sweat_smile:

I’m interested to find out though!

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I’ve been darting there’s 65 things I could upgrade at current, what’s the bet it will be the ones I haven’t got lol.

time to fuse 42k Haztegopterix with 33k triceratops gen2… lol

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Wouldn’t that look like a flying pig?


Worse is the “not so nice” cousin of Ankylocodon: Monolometrodon and there she is. We call it “Manolo”.


A monolometrodon hybrid would be awesome, mines at 24 with enough to take him to 25 lol…

Let it rain bug fixes with these new hybrids, as to make this game whole oh lordie. Amen


The only guarantee is half the hybrid will be very common, the other half non-existent.
1st hybrid: Impossiblasaurus which is a cross of Lythronax and the seldom seen and never darted Unobtainiasaurus.
I’ll have:
70k Lythronax DNA and 15 Unobtainiosaurus DNA.
In the unlikely event I do get within 11 DNA of completion, my next fuse will be…10. And, out of DNA.


Crap I’m not ready for this!

I haven’t been darting enough of the currently obscure dinos to be ready for this! I only have a level 5 Iguanodon with barely over 1000 DNA to evolve it, only about 5000 Tarbo DNA, and I can’t even think of the other DNA that I don’t have.

This is ridiculous!

I can’t wait for this xDDD

Gonna be behind on the hybrids once again :persevere::expressionless::sweat_smile:

I started saving up DNA shortly after they changed the text for SS, figuring it wasn’t just a mistake and meant the next big patch was coming soon. Since that’s what happened last go round after the text for DoT’s changed.

There’s also no guarantee that a common will be used in fusing a hybrid coming up next patch. Likely, but no guarantee.

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Dart everything, save it all.
That’s been my philosophy since Monolometrodon came around.

i guess it’s a bird related…

since alanqa has a hybrid for defense, so the angry bird Pteranodon should have one emphasizing on on attack. but i think it still can’t beat mostly used hot creatures…

unless it has counter attack + immunity + dodge?