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New Idea/Concept - Rogue creatures

In the modern day normally when an animal is darted or tranquilised it does one of 2 things:

  1. FLIGHT- the darted animal goes “Ouch, that hurt” and runs away

  2. FIGHT - the darted animal goes “Ouch, that hurt” gets extremely pissed off and goes for the individual that fired the dart. Luckily contingency plans are in place to prevent the darter being attacked

Currently in game when out darting we only have one of these 2 responses. FLIGHT

Therefore I am suggesting to introduce FIGHT. How?

All creatures that spawn on the map will have a fight or flight mechanism.

FLIGHT will be the general darting

FIGHT however will be a bit more interesting.
Rather than darting you will battle the creature for a similar amount of DNA to darting. Say for a level 20 non VIP:

Epic ~200
Rare ~250
Common ~300

The creature level would be set at the level you have it in your roster and you would fight it with similar levels. Eg Lvl 20 T-rex Vs Lvl 20 team. Think of it as a mini strike tower

Depending on the creature family eg. Apex therapod they would have more/less chance to get pissed of at you. Say:

1/5 chance for a T-rex fight
1/10 chance for Erliko fight
1/25 chance for placid herbivore fight such as a Hadrosaur or Sauropod

I would also include an opt out button that would give a reduced amount of DNA, because who at level 20 would want to battle a Nundasuchus, right?

Personally I feel this would make exploration a bit more interesting, rather than just going out and darting, and with similar team level would mean lesser creatures could be used in battle.


I’m all for this idea. Would keep darting interesting. Tho i think the amount of dna may need to be reduced a bit. What about a time to beat the creature? The faster you beat it the more dna you receive.

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It would be cool-ish. I think it would be weird darting something from a drone…and then getting attacked, And I wouldn’t want to be forced to fight a battle after darting something.

I’m not saying dart then fight. Just fight on launch rather than a full blown 11 darts

Oh I see. I think it would take more time then it’s worth, like the tiny strikes they give us.

For the higher level players, probably. But for those lower level players and players just starting out, I think it would be beneficial and engaging. I’d also like a guaranteed 200 epic just by beating a creature. there are some i can barely average 100 on.

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I’d like this personally. It would be cool. Imagine fighting a unique tho. Here’s how I would make this work.

Dart T. rex and get dna.

T-Rex gets angry and you have to pick 4 creatures to fight it, if you don’t do it in 45 seconds, it’s random. Then you fight it, it would not be boosted and once you beat it, you get dna.

I also think since pachy can’t be thrown in sanctuary until lvl 20, it would fight you 1/3 the time, it would be the only creature which does this, it’s arena only to.

If you lose, you only get the dna from the first hit. It would be a don’t lose 3 creatures thing, to make it less likely to lose.

i Also think hybrids will be more aggressive and more likely to attack


Yeah that’s true, yeah they would appreciate it a lot.