New Idea - Dinosaur Trap Tower

I thought of something that could add a new element to the game, dinosaur traps!
Here is how they would work -

Basically you could obtain “Traps” from things like the daily battle incubator and strike towers, each trap would have a rarity to it, common, rare and epic, these traps would be taken to set location on the map, akin to drops, and you would “place” the trap of your choosing.
The traps would lure in dinosaurs from that local and trap them for later. Then after a set amount of time, say 3 hours for common, 6 for rare and 12 for epic, you would return to the tower and check which dinosaurs were caught In that time, these dinosaurs would be random from that local, so if you needed say Erlic you could try set a trap in L1.

The traps would catch the following:
Common Trap - 3 Common dinosaurs
Rare Trap - 1 common and 2 rares
Epic Trap - 2 rares and 1 epic

Once you check the trap to see which dinosaurs were lured into it, a battle would begin, much like a strike tower, but the dinosaurs in the battle would be the ones lured into the trap!
Upon successfully defeating the “Trap Tower” you would receive a certain amount of DNA from each of the three dinosaurs caught!
The trap tower would then despawn.


Sounds fun! And I think that’s what this game needs more of right now.

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Yeah the whole setting the trap at a location and going back later would help those who cannot afford to wait around a different local, as they could set it and come back when they had time.
Where as with scents you have to remain there the whole time.

It would also add more to do on the map once all the strike towers were completed!

This is a fun idea. I agree fun is something we need more of in the game atm. This and the barbasol cans are good ideas to add. Hopefully it would guarantee a catch of something good. Like a specific local epic trap. Sounds good anyway though.

I also want a global scent. A scent that triggers for your entire alliance. Or something like a scent you could put out on the map that effects all players in the area. Hecc we might meet some other players for once. Instead of being the loner creeping around or driving around being strange xD


Another benefit would be for people who need dinosaurs from specific times of day, but cant play then.

Lets say a young female player who needs Kapro which is at night, but lives in a not very safe neighbourhood for a woman to be walking around alone in, well she could pop the trap, have it catch the night dinosaurs and come back to battle/claim them in the day when its safe for her!

Or not just that, could be for when its way too cold or too hot outside to be hunting!


Yeah it could be the same results of a scent. All the dinos your scent would of generated could go into the cage trap. For people to come back to later and dart them 1 by 1. Also, yeah safety. Sounds like an even better idea with that in mind.


I’ll drop a “like it” here, in order to move the topic up a bit. :slightly_smiling_face:


Now that’s a cool idea. And it would definitely be a fun addition.

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Absolutely brilliant! I really hope Ludia listens to this idea

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Can you replace the person in Ludia who came up with Stat Boosts? Much better idea!


I generally try to think of things that I would like to do or see in the game, but at the same time don’t wreck something else in the process, so chances are that others will also be interested hehe.
I wonder how many on the dev team are actually regular players.

One thing I noticed was that I love doing the strike towers, but there aren’t enough since you complete them pretty fast then you gotta wait for new ones, which many times don’t even have dinosaurs we need.
So say you have completed all the towers on the map, you could go setting traps whiling hunting, sowing the seeds for tomorrow’s, or later that days, fun!

A brilliant idea which makes more fun to the game. It is good for people who likes battles and also those who are collectors.
Ludia can also make money by selling traps instead of the boosts.

Great idea!

I like this idea :+1:

This idea sounds really fun! Brilliant idea!

@Ludia_Developers @lacey @Jorge @Marek @Marcus @J.C @Sara @Ren @Ned @John
Really good idea here!!


Thank you :hugs:, I’m working on a few other ideas that I will post later also!

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I like your idea, but i dont think ludia will ever do it. The purpose of the scent packs, strike events, darting, pretty much everything that ludia puts out there… is to keep you in front of the screen as long as possible in order to build up a psychological response in your brain to create an addiction and keep you addicted… thats really the whole point of the game… then again maybe the traps could work like incubators which are more of a passive means of getting you to check into the game within regular intervals. Just keep in mind that ludias agenda is completely different from the end user. The game is developed first and foremost by psychologists, not software architects… they are the ones who make the decisions

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Yes very true what you say.

They could limit the Traps to the daily incubator much like boosts are.

And as a company they could have the option to sell them in the store, then they make money. That is definitely something they would consider lol

And what level would the trapped dino’s be? :grin: