New idea for hybrids

I know this is random but hear me out, I would like to see something different. It seems like recently there’s always been a new set of compys every single update. But not a lot of new updates of group hitters. I was playing on my 2nd account which I made was an a month ago. An thought of a great hybrid , I think will you should make a hybrid group hitting unique CarnoTarkus. Or even better an Apex that nobody would ever expect. Apex CarnoTarkus/skoona that would be a group hitting/tankrending , because skoona is a fan favorite, what with all these new hybrids coming out he starting to get benched a lot , higher trophy count you get. So I think this would be a wonderful idea what do you all think #slowdownonallthecompyshybrids
P.s- this is just a personal opinion/idea


maybe they could make an easier to get group attacker, seems like all of the good ones are hard

May be alil op but something like this

I don’t think that an apex is the solution. By the time you get that apex you will have some decent flock counters on your team. It should be something lower like a legendary or epic to make it more accessible