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New idea for matchmaking in pvp

so i have an idea on how we can fix the horrible matchmaking system in this game and as my alternative change here’s an idea I had. My idea is that we should have ferocity in it like in jwtg. The ferocity mechanic in jwtg is an algorithm that sets your opponents difficulty level in pvp and events. ferocity in jwtg is calculated by adding the health of your creature + 3.2 *attack of the creature. I think that if this was added to jwa we would have to add health of creature to speed multiplied by attack. this would really fix the current problems in the arena. what do you guys think of this idea.

leave thoughts in comments. :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

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This wouldn’t help. There are so many different health stats, damage stats, and speed stats, this wouldn’t help at all. It’ll just make it more confusing to the coders and the players. Sorry mate, but this idea won’t work.

While we never had a number we could actually see, team-strength based matchmaking has been in the game until the last update, so you’re essentially just asking for that back.