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New idea for the design of Humbanger

When the new dragon was announced, I really felt excited, because there would be interesting news for Titan Uprising, however, seeing the design I felt a bit disappointed, it was not what I expected from two such magnificent dragons and, it is not for criticizing design managers, but I feel that there really was more to give. As a way to solve this minor problem that perhaps someone else had, I wanted to create my own version of Humbanger and communicate with Ludia’s support to present my idea, so, here I am … I hope to receive an answer about my proposal Well, I feel that the design is not attractive enough and dragons are supposed to be the key factor of Titan Uprising, in addition to the possibility of creating hybrids. I would really love to contribute more ideas, but for now this is all.1579825193516844696917409752668|690x326